Walcot’s head office is 210 Alice Street, Brisbane. The building which was built in 1881, was purchased by the co-founders of Walcot Capital in 2009.



Address:       210 Alice Street
                        Brisbane Qld 4000

Phone:          +61 (0) 419 725 970




210 Alice Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

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+61 (0) 419 725 970

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Walcot Capital has also established and oeprates a number of earlier stage projects including:

Taknor Resources Pty Ltd

Largy polymetallic skarn prospect and lead deposit in the Ashburton region, Western Australia.

Resource Development Corporation Pty Ltd 

Gold, lithium and nickel in the Kurnalpi region, Western Australia

Mainstone Resources Pty Ltd

Gold and lithium licence in the Pilbara region, Western Australia